DIRECTLY FROM PRODUCTION

Undershirt present USB 3.0 the new generation of sweaters and vests intimate line, which incorporates the technical characteristics of sportwear to give you a new experience to be discovered.

These underwear seamless goods, whitout lateral seam, thanks to the particular weave of the yarns stretch in both directions following the contours of the body, whitout leave marks. They are very light, weighting just 50 grams, and give a feeling of natural comfort in any situation.

This product 100% Made in Italy is made of polypropylene and polyamide, high-performance technical fabrics, which allow the garment to reduce odor absorbing sweat, avoiding the unpleasant sensation of wet and giving a pleasant sensation even in summer.

The use of technical textiles also proves advantageous from the practical point of view: health undershirt UST 3.0 resistant to frequent cleaning, keeps its shape, does not fatigue but mainly dries quickly and does not need ironing.

Hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic, is invisible under shirts and polo shirts, thanks to underarm sweat reinforced capture, the sleeve is shorter than the classic shirts and the neckline is wide.

In winter it is an excellent remedy against the cold thermally insulating body. In summer it absorbs sweat and being bacteriostatic reduces bad smell.

In short, the intimate undershirt for every season!